Demolition Services

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Demolition Services in Perth

Mr Cut Demolition offers a complete residential and commerical demolition service – from council approval to disconnection of services – ensuring a hassle free experience for the client.

Safety is the main priority in the demolition industry, so a Job Safety Analysis is undertaken and prepared for every job – we leave no detail to chance. Mr Cut Demolition has an impeccable safety record.

The Process

  • Upon being awarded a job, we conduct a site inspection to prepare a JSA
  • Rodent baiting is carried out to minimize rodents infesting neighbors during the demolition
  • Application is made to the local council for a Demolition License
  • Dial before you Dig are contacted to provide any service plans
  • Applications are made to the relevant authorities to ensure services are disconnected
  • Site fencing is erected
  • Upon receiving the Demolition Licence and confirmation that services are disconnected, machinery will be delivered to site
  • Any asbestos on site is removed
  • Demolition of the property is then carried out.

Depending on the client requirements, we can also remove swimming pools and trees. All of our services are available across not only the Perth metropolitan area, but also statewide.